Hello Love – I’m Cameron the canna-entrepreneur, Life Stylist + Creative Director behind Just Another Jay. I am a creator who believes that education can help end the stigma of cannabis.

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To start, I was born & raised in the southwest… More specifically the deserts of Arizona.

I have been surrounded by cannabis my entire life; from my mother who exposed me to the medicinal aspects, to my father growing it in a 1970’s shabby closet.

Cannabis has always been an everyday discussion in my life, but more importantly a celebration.

My Philosophy:

My goal is to showcase the medicinal effects of this sacred plant, while still maintaining a positive relationship to your health.

I am able to maintain my vegan/holistic lifestyle while using marijuana to manage symptoms.

In fact, the word “marijuana” is slang that completely destroys the idea of what it actually is; a sacred plant.

just another jay coffee and jointNow, don’t worry… I won’t be dragging you to a midnight séance to bless you with mother Mary Jane. (Unless that’s your thing!)
I simply want to guide you down a different kaleidoscope view of what cannabis actually is.

The most important things to remember in life are:

  • To Let things go,
  • Pick up unique styles,
  • Laugh in humble ways, and
  • Just enjoy the beauty of the world

After all, it’s Just Another Jay.

Respecting a Medicated Lifestyle:

Growing up in an open-minded family has its perks… But it can also hinder someone from understanding views that may not match your own.

My mother would always tell me that the world is a scary place, but it doesn’t always have to be miserable.

just another jay patient journalIt wasn’t until I moved back from two years of soul searching in NYC that I started to view cannabis differently.

With my Journey I have found my love for taking everything day by day. Who knew a few stoned out smoke sessions would result in that?

Baby steps.

A ‘Weedsnob’ at Heart

What can I say? I have a specific view on cannabis and have high standards when choosing my products.  I will never be the person to express information that could lead someone down a slippery, unhealthy road.

None of my flower will be less than perfect. I am a “top-shelf” kind of boy. No seeds, stems, un-flushed/contaminated grow for me! I educate my audience on brands that understand the importance of staying true to your healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have to follow (or even understand) every step of my journey to be the best you. It comes down to what you interpret and what fits into your own lifestyle.

just another jay computer

Why “Just Another Jay” ?

First off, we are (admittedly) huge Lady Gaga fans. It was surreal to experience her drive and dedication with the man that I love. “Just Another Day” is a song that spoke to us as our new life motto:
“After all, it’s just another day.”
Just as we take things day-by-day, it’s important to remember that sometimes all you can do is take things jay-by-jay.

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